Greazy Keyz
Jason Atkins, aka Greazy Keyz, is a professional keyboardist and has served as the organist for the Charlotte Checkers since 2015. Greazy is dedicated to keeping the arena rocking with a wide variety of music spanning the last century, from classical to classic rock, and from pop to hip hop, and spends several hours a week strategizing song plays for the upcoming games. Through the years, GK has developed a keen ability to vibe with the energy of the crowd.

Originally from Greenville, SC, Atkins relocated to Charlotte in 1997 to join the Queen City’s vibrant musical community.

Over the past few decades, GK has shared the stage with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, Mississippi Allstars, BlackBerry Smoke, Los Lonely Boys, Albert Lee, AJ Croce, Roger Daltry of The Who, George Thorogood, Randy Bachmann, The Marshall Tucker Band, Night Ranger, Three Doors Down, Soul Asylum, Blue Oyster Cult, Beaver Brown Band and many more.

In addition to playing live music across the country, GK has recorded on tracks with local and regional artists and some national artists such as Snoop Dogg. He has contributed to the scores of HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones (every time you hear Aunt Tiffany play piano!), the movie trailer for When the Game Stands Tall, and music for the film The Legacy of the Whitetail Deer Hunter, to name a few.

“Of all the opportunities I have had in my career, being the organist for the Charlotte Checkers has been my favorite.”


Greenville, SC

Favorite sports team
Charlotte Checkers

First hockey game
Charlotte Checkers, Dec. 1998 as a guest of a friend

If you could create a menu item for the Red Line Club, what would it be?
The Greazy Burger II

Favorite memory with the Checkers
Playing keytar for the 5OT game

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
Give me the 100 duck sized horses