Senior Ticket and Event Executive

[email protected]

Laurenne Losier joined the Checkers Ticketing Department in October of 2022.

As a Group Sales Specialist, she works to ensure all groups have a fantastic experience and assists in the overall success & goal achievement of the ticket department.

Laurenne was born outside of Tampa FL, but grew up in Waxhaw, NC. She attended UNC Chapel Hill and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences with a concentration in Sport Administration.


Waxhaw, NC

College and Major
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Sport Administration

Favorite sports team
Tampa Bay Lightning

First hockey game
4/5/2001 Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers... I was a ripe 2 months old

If you could create a menu item for the Red Line Club, what would it be?
Bacon Mac & Cheese bites with a side of ranch

Favorite memory with the Checkers
Skating on the Outdoor ice!

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
One horse-sized duck... if it didn't gobble me up first